Brice Christian Academy

Tuition Grants

Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program

The State of Ohio Department of Education offers Educational Choice Scholarships (EdChoice) to students who qualify.  Students from underperforming public schools can attend participating private schools, like Brice Christian Academy, with tuition grants.

The program also provides scholarships to low income students who are entering kindergarten through fourth grade.

Program Enrollment Process

The first application period begins February 1 and ends April 30, 2020. The second application period begins July 1, and ends July 31, 2020. Families must contact the participating private school/provider and complete the enrollment and admission process.

Once students have been accepted for enrollment for fall 2020, they can  apply for an EdChoice Scholarship through the school. Scholarship applications are entered by the school for students through a secure online application system.

To learn more about eligibility requirements, download the EdChoice Fact Sheet.

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3rd Grade Reading Guarantee

We're proud that for three years running, all of our 3rd graders successfully passed the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee. Our dedicated teachers work with each student to ensure they have the tools necessary for success.  Click here to learn more about the Reading...